Athlete Registration Closed December 2nd!

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Below are the divisions and qualifications.
All pairs are same gender.

Elite Pairs
Men: Both athletes must place in the top 6314 on the CrossFit Games Open Worldwide Leaderboard (top 5%)
Women: Both athletes must place in top 4499 on the CrossFit Games Open Worldwide Leaderboard (top 5%)

RX & Scaled Pairs
There is no requirement that athletes competing in the CFV Championship RX or Scaled divisions must have participated in the CrossFit Games Open. However, the Open is a great tool to help athletes register for the appropriate division.

If you completed or are capable of completing all of the Open workouts RX’d, then register for the RX’d division (or Elite if you meet those standards above). If you performed any of the Open workouts Scaled or if those versions of the workouts are a better fit for your current ability, then register for the Scaled division.

Masters Pairs
35-39, 40-49, 50+
If athletes in a pair are from different age groups, they will compete in the younger division. For example, if athletes ages 37 and 47 pair up and compete together, they will register in the 35-39 division.

Teen Pairs
14 – 17
There are no Elite, RX, or Scaled designations for the teen divisions. Workouts will be programmed appropriate to age level. If further scaling is necessary for athlete safety on an individual basis, we will make that happen.